Специфика перевода английских газетных заголовков — реферат

3. Атрибутивные, обозначающие свойства, признаки лица, предмета, явления:
armed to the teeth – быть снабжённым всем необходимым:
Today, nothing prevents us from getting out of this activity - still, on the last weekend of April people crowd Moscow lawns, armed to the teeth by entrenching tools [Anton Razmakhnin. Essay. May Day Workers. Moscow News. 2006-05-05 MSN-No. 016];
At the receiving end of a hot pursuit by three Norwegian patrol ships that were allegedly armed to the teeth, Captain Valery Yarantsev turned his trawler around and bravely fled for the homeland [Anna Arutunyan. Society. The Little Fishing Boat That Could. Moscow News. 2005-11-02 MSN-No. 042];
Second, if a large proportion of Americans are armed to the teeth, will this really herald in a peaceful society? [Robert Bridge. The Other Moscow. Moscow News, No.20, May 25, 2007].
Blue blood – благородного происхождения:
Khodorkovsky's predecessors came from Chernigov, Kharkov, Moscow; an architect, a church icon restorer and an entrepreneur; there were Jewish raznochintsy (intellectuals not belonging to the gentry) on the one side, and blue blood on the other [Marina Tokareva. Russia. How To Raise A Political Prisoner. Moscow News. 2005-04-06 MSN-No. 013].
4. Наречные, обозначающие свойства, качества, признаки действия.
With flying colors – с абсолютным успехом:
Although the TSCV has passed all state tests with flying colors and has also been displayed at numerous exhibitions, it has not served with the Russian Army to date [Nikita Petrov. Russian Army's weaknesses exposed. Moscow News, No.36, September 12, 2008];
They were expected to come off with flying colors way back in the Sydney Olympics, but for some reason they didn't [Konstantin Byalsky. Athens 2004. Our Sports Are Mismanaged. Moscow News. 2004-08-18 MSN-No. 031].
Till the cows come home – очень долго:
You could agonize till the cows come home about how Abramovich pawed Slavneft's bottom line [Yulia Latynina. Make an Honest Woman of Slavneft. Moscow Times. 2002-12-11 MTI-No. 2583];
Deep in the heart of George W. Bush's Texas, you can clamp your nipples till the cows come home [Chris Floyd. Global Eye. "Moscow Times". 08-26-2000(MTI-No.2031)].
to look like a million – отлично выглядеть:
Most prices in Okno v Parizh are a little steep, but even the simplest Christmas tree decoration from the shop will look like a million when suitably wrapped [Lena Temis. Some Leads for Santa's Little Helper. "Moscow Times". 12-21-2001(MTI-No.2351)];
The Russian female spends her hard-earned money to look like a million bucks - while you, the male, return the favor by paying the dinner bill [Robert Bridge. Moscow Saves The Males. Moscow News, No.32, August 17, 2007].
Выражение to look like a million можно отнести к разряду фразеологических сочетаний - устойчивых оборотов, в состав которых входят слова и со свободным, и с фразеологически связанным значением. Именно второй пример из газетной статьи, где используется выражение to look like a million bucks, позволяет нам сделать подобный вывод.
5. Модальные, обозначающие различное отношение говорящего к тому, что говорится.
It’s another pair of shoes – это совсем другое дело:
The Russian chief executive emphasised that "to create missiles of another generation is another pair of shoes." [Putin-Interview-Nkorea. Pyongyang cannot be threat to West-Putin. "Itar-Tass Weekly News". 06-20-2001(ITA-weekly)];
The UES company is another pair of shoes [Press-Review. "Itar-Tass Weekly News".12-27-2000(ITA-weekly)].
It’s not my cup of tea – это не моё:
But then it dawned on me that strict realism is not my cup of tea [Igor Shevelev. Culture. Aksyonov: Stopover On The Way To Biarritz. Moscow News. 2002-07-24 MSN-No. 028].
6. Связочные, служащие для связи отдельных частей предложения или целых предложений, частей связного текста, например:
All in all – в целом:
All in all, Rosinter is planning to expand to 12 restaurants in Ukraine by the end of 2008 [Rosinter Restaurants Holding Expanding beyond Russia. Moscow News, No.29, July 25, 2008].
Кроме указанных частеречно-функциональных типов фразеологизмов, встречающихся в газетных статьях, идиомы можно классифицировать по структурно-семантическому критерию и, в частности, выделить:
1. Сравнивающие, например:
as large as life – длинною в жизнь:
They knew Rachmaninoff personally and told lots of curious things about him, so that he emerged large as life [Solomon Volkov. Culture. The Vocalise Anecdote. Moscow News. Date:01-30-2002(MSN-No.004)].
like a bull in a China shop – как бык в китайской лавке:
This could, like a bull in a china shop, heavily deform both the Russian services market and the talents market [Irina Lyubarskaya. Cinema. Hollywood Set To Storm Russia. Moscow News. 2006-03-31 MSN-No. 011].
like chalk and cheese – как мел и сыр:
If it is al-Qaida that we have in mind, that Islamicist group and Hussein's secular regime are like chalk and cheese [Robert Skidelsky. Why the War? Moscow Times. 2003-02-12 MTI-No. 2617].
2. Binomials (двойные), например:
odds and ends – разнородные вещи:
Apparently, the designer has a thing about putting household odds and ends to good use [Leonid Portnov. Moscow News No.026 07-09-98].
Wait and see – поживём – увидим:
Potential buyers took a 'wait and see' attitude because of the conditions of the financial crisis [St. Petersburg real estate market braces for possible big price drops. Moscow News, No.46, November 21, 2008].
More or less – более или менее:
Despite more or less accomplishing playing a manly brute with a golden heart bit he's consistently fake and transparent, flashing nauseating smiles and overdoing his caveman routine [Olga Yakimenko.The Accidental Disaster. Moscow News, No.36, September 12, 2008].
Sick and tired – раздражённый, измотанный:
I will not beat this dead dog too long because by now we are all pretty sick and tired of hearing about the "dying planet." [Robert Bridge. Capitalism gets ugly. Moscow News, No.41, October 17, 2008].
Идиомы, описывающие людей, например:
to have a heart of gold – иметь золотое сердце:
The murderer is not really a murderer but a man with a heart of gold. [Olga Shumyatskaya. Culture. The Comfy Guillotine Moscow News. 11-08-2001(MSN-No.045)].
Hard as nails – грубый, суровый:
On the domestic front, Thatcher proved equally hard as nails and slashed public spending every bit as ruthlessly as Ronnie back in the U.S [Johnny Fairbanks. The World. Hail Cleopatra! Moscow News. 2006-02-03 MSN-No. 004].
In cold blood – беспощадный, не имеющий чувств:
The killer discharged his automatic in cold blood while many eyewitnesses looked on [Mikhail Babushkin. Politics. Togliatti: Open Season Declared On Media Editors. Moscow News. 2003-10-15 MSN-No. 040].
Идиомы, описывающие чувства и настроение, ср.:
а) положительные чувства:
to be on cloud nine – быть крайне счастливым:
When you are smoking a cigar, you feel you are on cloud nine [Svetlana Graudt. Cuban on a Roll in the Cigar-Making Business Moscow Times. 2005-10-20 MTI-No. 3278].
to be in high spirits – оживлённый, весёлый:
The August 1994 parade in Berlin, attended by Chancellor Helmut Kohl the Unifier and Boris Yeltsin in alarmingly high spirits, put the final end to the history of the Warsaw Pact [Farewell, Yalta. Moscow News. 09-15-99(MSN-No.035)].
Данный фразеологизм также можно отнести к условно-устойчивым фразеологическим сочетаниям наподобие рассмотренной выше фразы to look like a million.
б) негативные чувства:
to look (to be) down in the dumps - выглядеть подавленным, расстроенным:
Hefner and Holly Madison, one of E!'s "The Girls Next Door," are no longer dating. Hefner said he's been "down in the dumps" about the split [Derrik J. Lang. Hugh Hefner in break up. Moscow News, No.40, October 10, 2008].